The 5 Most Expensive Pieces of Tiffany Jewelry Ever Sold

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most renowned and respected names in jewelry, with a history that dates back to 1837. Over the years, many pieces from this luxury brand have been sold for extraordinary sums at auctions around the world. The most expensive Tiffany item ever sold was an exceptionally rare 128-carat yellow diamond necklace from 1911 – described by experts as “the finest example of its kind.” This breathtaking piece went under the hammer in 2018 for a staggering $5 million USD, making it one of the costliest pieces of jewelry ever purchased.

Let’s take a deeper look in this article at the different Tiffany pieces that are the most expensive right now.

  1. The Greek Key Necklace designed by renowned jeweler Peter Cusak. This classic design, also known as the Maeander pattern, was first seen in ancient Greece and can be found on vases, pottery, and mosaics from that era. The motif consists of an interlocking series of straight lines creating a continuous border around an object or space. Today it is one of the most recognized symbols in jewelry fashion and is often seen with other intricate designs, such as geometric shapes and floral patterns. Tiffany’s Greek Key Necklace features two intertwined bands with diamonds set along each edge to add sparkle to this elegant piece. The necklace comes complete with either a yellow gold braid or pave diamond accents which add extra brilliance to the overall look. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether you want something special for everyday wear or need something dazzling enough for formal events like weddings and proms. Whether you choose solid gold links or shimmering stones, this necklace will make a bold statement wherever you go! It features 273 emerald cut diamonds weighing 26+ Carats collectively mounted onto cascading strands. It is held together through intricate knots within an 18K yellow gold setting. It was valued at 15 Million USD when presented upfront during Paris Fashion Week 2017.
  2. Next comes an Art Deco brooch created by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Company during the 1950s. Tiffany & Co. was at the forefront of the Art Deco movement, creating some truly remarkable pieces that remain highly sought after to this day. One such item is their Art Deco brooch, a unique and stunning piece that captures the essence of the time perfectly. This particular brooch features an intricate array of diamonds set against yellow gold with milgraining along the edges for added texture and detail. The centerpiece is a large circular diamond surrounded by six smaller stones in a floral motif with four corners adorned with even more tiny diamonds for extra sparkle. The sapphires perfectly compliment both sides’ central 2-karat oval ruby cabochon. Its value lies not only in how beautiful it looks but also because it represents an important part of American history – providing insight into what life was like during those exciting times before World War II changed everything. The full piece was estimated to be around 9 Million US Dollars when put up for auction back in 2015.
  3. Third on our list is another diamond necklace: A striking Vivid Blue Diamond Necklace composed of three intense blue stones weighing 5 carats, 7 carats, and 10 carats, respectively. This necklace features an impressive 7.51-carat blue diamond suspended in a graceful platinum setting with brilliant white diamonds on the sides and along the chain, totaling 5.18 carats. The vibrant hue of this stone stands out against its delicate setting, creating an eye-catching effect against anyone’s skin tone or attire – no matter what the occasion might be! As part of their workmanship, Tiffany’s designers have also included elegant details such as milgrain edging around the stones, which add texture while maintaining an overall sense of sophistication and refinement to this classic look. Furthermore, these fine materials are made even more luxurious through meticulous polishing methods that give off an extra sparkle. This necklace was snapped up for over $7 million at Christie’s Jewelry Auction in 2013.
  4. In fourth place is a pair of earrings featuring two cushion cut diamonds totaling 8 carats each, set with rose cut diamonds on platinum settings and drop pearls below them. The earrings are crafted in the Edwardian style from the 1910–1920s. These elegant jewels were purchased for over $4 million at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels sale in 2015.
  5. At number five is a rare yellow diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co., set with a 12-carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond surrounded by white diamonds suspended from an 18k gold chain. This piece sold for $3 million at auction in 2012, making it one of the priciest necklaces to have come out of this famous house.

Tiffany Jewelry has achieved some of the most luxurious pieces ever sold on the open market. The prices reflect unique creations and craftsmanship, whether it’s in the shape of a necklace or earrings.

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