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Rare Wines & Spirits

New York Loan Company provides loans against high-end fine wines, which is a service so unique that it has been featured by both NPR and Reuters. There are several factors that come in to play when loaning against fine wines including: the condition of the labels and cork; the ullage level; the storage history; and of course, the vintage. We have a relationship with an offsite temperature-controlled wine storage facility as well as storage in your existing facility. Beverly Loan Company also has expertise in rare spirits ranging from limited production cognacs to single malt scotches.

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Our Process & what to expect

The Process. New York Loan Company provides loans using luxury assets as collateral to clients in the New York and tri-state region from its offices In Bryant Park. Rest assured that our Client Engagement specialists – gemologists trained at the Gemological Institute of America – will provide fair and competitive evaluations. Once the collateral loan amount has been agreed upon, a pledge agreement will be prepared for you to approve and sign. The terms of the pledge agreement are regulated by both state and federal laws.

What to expect. After you have signed the pledge agreement, the Client Engagement team member will provide you with the full amount of the loan in cash. There are no upfront fees or costs charged.

All assets held as collateral is stored in a vault within a vault under 24-hour surveillance. You are entitled to the full four months of the contract and may renew after the term matures.

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New York City’s leading provider of confidential non-bank loans that use borrowers’ luxury assets as collateral.

Clients can bring in luxury assets including fine jewelry & diamonds, luxury watches, fine art, luxury & classic cars, designer handbags & accessories, precious metals one-of-a-kind memorabilia for immediate expert valuation and loan funding.


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