Auction-Worthy Handbags

Auction-Worthy Handbags

Sell Designer And Luxury Handbags in New York

Hermes, Kelly & Chanel

  • We are the first pawn shop in New York to advertise expertise in upscale designer handbags, specifically exclusive and rare handbags from the likes of Hermes Birkin, Kelly and Chanel.
  • We have funded hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans against designer handbags, but we are undeniably quite particular and have very specific criteria before purchasing or offering a loan
  • If the handbag is not manufactured by Hermes, Chanel or a just a handful of close equivalents and does not carry a retail price of $5,000 or more, then unfortunately it is not for New York Loan Company
  • We also require that the handbag is in excellent condition and is accompanied by provenance, typically in the form of a receipt from the retailer where it was purchased
  • Please contact our loan officers to discuss your handbag and to make an appointment

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