Tanzanite and Tiffany & Co.

Tanzanite and Tiffany & Co.

It’s no mystery that gemstones and designer jewelry are common in the private offices of New York Loan Company. The high-end pawnshop works with some of the most rare and beautiful jewelry in the world, including signed items from Tiffany & Co, particularly goods containing tanzanite. However many of their clients, and in fact many in the world, are not aware of the intertwining history of the famous gemstone and famous jewelry house.

The beautiful gemstone was found in 1967 in the northern part of Tanzania by a local Masai tribesman. The gemstone was then brought to New York where the Gemological Institute of America determined it was a new variety of Zoisite. Henry Platt, VP of Tiffany and Louis Comfort, Tiffany’s great grandson, was incredibly impressed with the new gemstone and named it ‘Tanzanite’, after the country where it was found.

Tiffany & Co., then decided on a strong marketing campaign, in which they stated that tanzanite could be found in two places in the world: “in Tanzania and at Tiffany’s”.

Tanzanite is unique as it forms as a brownish crystal, which is then heated to give it its beautiful bluish purple color. The stone is also trichroic, which means depending on the lighting and the angle at which you are looking at it, you can see blue, violet, or brown. To increase the beauty of the stone, gem cutters cut the stone so the most intense blue or purple is seen face up.

We know that Tanzanite is incredibly rare, and while the stone was hailed the best-selling gemstone in 1998 and 1999, there is a limited amount to be mined. New York Loan’s GIA trained Graduate Gemologists have vast experience purchasing, selling and loaning against colored stones, including tanzanite and know that the price of the gemstone has steadily risen over the decades.

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