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Provide a Referral

Provide a Referral

The Best Form of Advertising

New York Loan Company firmly believes that the best form of advertising is referrals from current clientele. Paying substantial referral fees to our faithful customers who send their family members, friends and colleagues for short-term loans, is the ultimate win-win-win.

In order to pay a referral fee we must be made aware of the referral the very day that the purchase or loan is transacted. For confidentiality reasons, it is always necessary that the borrower/seller verify the referring party before New York Loan Company can pay a referral fee.

The amount of the referral fee depends upon the size and scope of the purchase or loan, but we certainly realize that the more generous we are, the more referrals we will continue to receive. Referral fees are paid in one of three possible ways:

Receive a fee for referring a friend, colleague or family member to New York Loan.
  • We can offer a discount on jewelry or watches in our showcase
  • We can provide a check
  • We can credit the referring party’s interest on any existing loans

Please remind your referrals to let us know who referred them to New York Loan Company the day that they conduct business. And, needless to say, only one referral can be paid per each client referred.

We gain a new customer, you receive compensation, and your referral gets the opportunity to conduct business at the finest pawnshop in the United States. Please spread the word!

Receive a fee for referring a friend, colleague or family member to New York Loan.