Precious Metals: Gold & Platinum

Precious Metals: Gold & Platinum

Loan Against Gold and Platinum Metals for Cash

Coins, Bullion, & Jewelry

  • Like most other pawnshops, New York Loan Company provides pawn loans against and purchases precious metals, primarily gold and platinum
  • Unlike your average pawnshop, New York Loan Company does not simply weigh your jewelry and bullion and provide a loan based on what the scale reflects. Rather, when determining a pawn loan or purchase amount, we pay a premium for signed goods (Tiffany & Co, Cartier, etc.), diamonds and other gems
  • Our certified gemologists are trained to assess numismatic value, aesthetic value and overall saleability
  • Not only do we purchase, sell and loan against jewelry made of gold and platinum, but we also have significant expertise in gold and platinum coins and bullion
  • We will also loan against and purchase sterling silver flatware and tableware; however, we typically do not loan against or purchase silver jewelry
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Loan against Gold & Platinum Jewelry
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Loan against Gold & Platinum Jewelry
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New York Loan Company,
50 West 47th Street, Suite 319,Inside Gem Tower NYC,Manhattan, New York-10036,
Telephone No.2129975626
Greater New York City Area
Get a loan on gold near me in Manhattan, New York. Sell or lend gold & platinum in the form of coins, bullion, and jewelry. Contact New York Loan Company today!

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