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Coin & Sterling Silver – What is it and how can I pawn it?

While New York Loan Company is known mostly for its luxury jewelry, watches and high-end artwork; they also make loans on silver.  Towle, Buccallati, Wallace and Tiffany & Co. are a few of the luxury silver manufacturers that we work with. Coins, flatware and collectables in sterling silver or coin silver can have significant value, and luckily the loan officers at New York Loan can quickly and accurately value your beautiful items.

There are many different kinds of silver and silver alloys on the market, including Britannia silver, Mexican silver, German Silver, Fine Silver, Coin Silver and Sterling Silver. New York Loan Company always deals with Sterling and Coin Silver. Here is a quick rundown of each:

Sterling Silver means that the silver content of your item has 92.5% Silver, and the other remaining 7.5% is another metal alloy, usually copper, although other alloys can be included as well. Other alloys with a higher silver content may seem more desirable, but the reality is that silver becomes much too pliable and soft and suffers from dents and dings when not mixed with an alloy.

Coin Silver is comprised of 90% silver and 10% copper. This metal was commonly used in silver tableware in the US between 1820 and 1868, and as common currency until 1964; it is no longer a regularly used material.

Hallmarks and other forms of identification are used to stamp on sterling silver flatware and identify their silver content. Newer items are required to have a stamp identifying the silver or gold content of an item; this is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. However working with antique silver can be a lot more complicated.

England and Ireland have a very regulated hallmark system. They include stamps for the purity, the date, and for the city where the piece was manufactured. In the United States, no national hallmark was ever put into practice, instead companies such as Tiffany & CO and Gorham created their own marking systems.

New York Loan Company has experience working with everything from period silver to today’s more contemporary designs. While sterling silver jewelry is always appreciated, we will only loan against or buy your gold, platinum or diamond jewelry. 

If you have questions regarding the silver that you do have, you are encouraged to call New York Loan Company at 212-997-5626.