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Fine Watches – What is a Perpetual Calendar?

A complication on a watch refers to any function of the timepiece other than telling time, and with hundreds of different complications on fine watches, it can be difficult to know which functions work best for you. New York Loan Company is a collateral lending institution specializing in fine and complicated watches, with a unique understanding of all these various functions.

The Perpetual Calendar is one of the most useful functions you can find on a watch. As opposed to a standard day or date function on your watch, the perpetual calendar tracks time with such accuracy that it only needs to be adjusted once a century. The sophisticated calendar knows how many days are in each month and knows when there is a leap year and will adjust accordingly. Perpetual calendars feature day, date, month, time and often moonphase displays with the added feature of a leap year indicator.

Some of the most sought after watches on the market have perpetual calendars, including Patek Philippe, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Audemars Piguet.  Rolex created a few perpetual calendars in the 1950’s, but discontinued these watches to focus on sophisticated sports watches. The few that they did release command very high prices at auction. In 2012 a triple calendar perpetual precision Rolex from 1955 sold for over half a million dollars.

The perpetual calendar chronographs from Patek Philippe are some of the most sought after watches of all time, and IWC has made a few beautiful perpetuals like the Da Vinci and the Portuguese. Jaeger-LeCoultre has a dressy perpetual for under $30,000. All of these watches are accepted at New York Loan Company to be used as collateral for a loan. Please inquire about a pawn loan at info@newyorkloan.com