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From Oscars statues to a killer’s bling: The mystique of city pawnshops

There are 8 million stories in the naked pawnshop. There’s the bling put up by a beloved Knick before his death; an MTV Award presented to a world famous rapper; a 1976 World Series trophy awarded to a minor cog in the Big Red Machine; and a $45,000 watch put up by the girlfriend of a triple murderer. Then there’s the wacky: a Russian cosmonaut’s spacesuit, which one Manhattan pawnshop is negotiating to secure. And the weird: a “paranormal kit” complete with “spirit meter,” rosary beads and holy water left by a ghostbuster wannabe. “We get everything. We get awards from musicians and actors, heavyweight boxers and former basketball players. We have a few championship football rings,” says Roni Rubinov, 36, owner of New Liberty Pawn Shop on West 47th Street. A “paranormal kit” complete with “spirit meter,” rosary beads and holy water was left by a ghostbuster wannabe.Photo: J.C. Rice Pawnshop proprietors do not kiss and tell, keeping the names of clients confidential — at least until they are no longer in a position to complain. Former NBA star Anthony Mason, who died exactly a year ago Sunday at age 48, made more than $40 million during his 13-year career, which included a memorable run with the Knicks in the 1990s. But he fell on hard times and had to hock his baubles, including a treasured gold cross, to Rubinov, for $30,000. Read the full article at: New York Post