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Designer Spotlight: David Webb

Carved rock crystal, solid gold zebras, enamel elephants, bright turquoise beads. These bold techniques are signatures of David Webb, a jewelry designer that rose quickly to fame in New York in the 1950’s and 60’s. New York Loan Company, coined as Pawnshop to the Stars by the media, understands the value and worth of signed jewelry, particularly David Webb. As popular as ever, David Webb carved out a unique place in luxury jewelry that can never be replicated.

Webb, an aspiring jewelry designer as a young boy, moved to New York City at seventeen and started his career as a jeweler in Greenwich Village. He then met Antoinette Quilleret, a well-connected socialite who he went into business with. In 1948 he opened up shop in a small walk-up around the corner from the Diamond District, the location where New York Loan Company now resides.

Success came quickly for David Webb and his small business where in 1950 his jewelry graced the cover of Vogue magazine. This is a huge accomplishment for any designer but especially for David Webb, who at this time only had two years of business under his belt. With his pieces now being sold at Bergdorf Goodman, David Webb quickly became highly desirable to the chic and selective Upper Eastsiders

The name David Webb is synonymous with high fashion, mainly due to numerous celebrities wearing his pieces over the decades. In the 1960’s through late 70’s stars and royalty like Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, the Rockefeller family, and Princess Grace of Monaco were his top clients.

Over the years David Webb found inspiration in nature and animals and from fellow designers like Jean Schlumberger who was a very well-known designer with Tiffany & Co., Seaman Schepps, Verdura, Suzanne Belperron, and Jeanne Toussaint with Cartier. His experimentation and dedication to impeccably made jewelry has ensured that the style of boldness of his creations never go out of style. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Rachel Zoe, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Amy Adams and Helen Mirren are just a few examples of the Webb’s well known clients that wear his pieces on the red carpet today.

Like New York Loan Company and Beverly Loan Company, David Webb Inc. stayed a family operation for decades. Owned by Nina Silberstein, who partnered with Webb after Antoinette Quilleret retired. She was his partner until his tragic death from pancreatic cancer in 1975. In 2010 two new connoisseurs, Robert Sadian and Mark Emanuel bought the company, and are dedicated to ensuring the quality and history of David Webb and his designs. New York Loan Company has expertise in buying, selling, trading and making pawn loans against signed luxury jewelry, including those pieces by David Webb. Please call 212-997-5626 to set up an appointment.