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Pawning Sports, Entertainment & Political Memorabilia

Dresses worn by Princess Diana, guitars played by the Beatles, personal notes written by Abraham Lincoln, sketches drawn by Walt Disney – these iconic and rare items are examples of the type of unique memorabilia that New York Loan Company, and its sister store Beverly Loan Company, use to make large collateral based loans.  

The slogan ‘Pawnshop to the Stars’ was coined by the media, but is no less than the truth.  In 76 years of business both locations have purchased and loaned against some important historical treasures.  “Over the years I’ve seen some exceptional pieces from the most respected figures in history,” said Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner and CEO of both the east-coast and the west-coast companies.  “Significant memorabilia is a unique way to secure a short-term collateral loan and we are the only shop I know of with the expertise to make it happen.”

Sports memorabilia can be some of the most interesting and desirable on the market.  Items such as game worn jerseys or boxing gloves, game-used balls, and championship rings or belts are only a small example of collectibles that New York Loan works with.  Other items include autographs from all the different sports organizations and iconic sports figures including Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Wayne Gretzky, Mahammad Ali and Tiger Woods.  Provenance for sports signatures must always come from reliable authenticators such as PSA/DNA, Upper Deck Authenticated, or Online Authentics.

There is a wide range of entertainment collectibles on the market, from every decade and every genre of music, movies, and television. Because of the large amount of items, New York Loan is particular about not only the memorabilia they will work with, but also the authentication of each item.  Important entertainment memorabilia include musical instruments, awards, costumes, and props.  New York Loan has purchased and pawned possessions from famous personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Johnny Carson, and Audrey Hepburn.  There is also a large market for collectibles from musical entertainers such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Beatles and Elvis Presley.  Again, the proper provenance must accompany the memorabilia in order to be considered for a loan – these would include authentication from PSA/DNA, Online Authentics, and James Spence Authentication.

There are many types of political memorabilia that can command high prices, and New York Loan Company only loans on the rare and exceptional pieces.  Personal letters, significant contracts, uncommon campaign buttons and important American flags from presidents such as JFK, Lincoln, Washington, and FDR are accepted as collateral.  Unique and valuable memorabilia from WWII and the Civil War are also encouraged for a loan.  Relevant provenance for these valued items would include James Spence Authentication, PSA/DNA or auction records (Sotheby’s, Christies, Bonham’s, etc.).

When making an inquiry about your collectibles, it’ i recommended that you send pictures of any items you would like to use to secure a pawnloan and the accompanying provenance to info@newyorkloan.com