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Jordan Tabach-Bank of New York Loan Company Stars in New Discovery Channel Series

Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO of New York Loan Company, is one of four rival dealers featured in a new television series presented by Discovery Channel. The show, FINAL OFFER, which is a new twist on the pawn/auction genre, premieres Thursday, May 31 at 10 PM ET/P. Tabach-Bank notes, “I’ve been approached by many production companies looking to film a reality show about my business. But we specialize in high dollar discreet pawn loans, and my clientele would not appreciate cameras in our private offices. FINAL OFFER provided a unique opportunity to show the negotiation process without violating my customer’s confidentiality.”

Tabach-Bank stated, “The show is high pressure and will be a great viewing experience for the audience, because the deals are real. It’s my money that I’m risking – win or lose. FINAL OFFER provided a chance for me to showcase my negotiation skills that have come from a lifetime of pawnbrokering. I am proud to represent my industry and show that pawnbrokers can go head to head with the very best dealers in the country.”

Buying and selling may seem like simple tasks, but when it comes to valuable antiques and rare collectibles, the stakes are higher than ever. In Discovery’s new series hosted by Michael Kalish, FINAL OFFER, premiering on Thursday, May 31 at 10 PM ET/PT, Jacob Chait, Patrick Painter, Billy Roland and Jordan Tabach-Bank, four of the country’s smartest, shrewdest and most successful dealers will battle it out to bid and buy some of the nation’s most desired items. This isn’t your typical bidding war – these dealers will be shelling out their own big bucks for unseen high ticket items that demand the necessary expertise to strike a good deal.

From historical artifacts to instruments owned by rock and roll legends, original artwork to motion picture props, these four experts will be forced to immediately know the value of these prized goods. In FINAL OFFER, sellers will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to haggle with the series’ experts — one on one, one seller to one buyer, in the order they so choose — to acquire these rare items for the best possible price. But there’s a catch – once they pass on an offer, there is no turning back. The offer is off the table for good and they must head to the next buyer they choose, who hopefully will have a bid at least as high as the last.

Jordan went on to state, “I hope that the next time someone needs to sell or get a loan against their fine jewelry, watches, art or memorabilia, they visit New York Loan Company because they know that Jordan from FINAL OFFER will give them top dollar and the process will be educational, lucrative and even fun.”