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Spotlight on the 4 C’s – Diamond Cut and Shape

The cut of a diamond, one of the four aspects of grading that determine quality and rarity, is a characteristic that many collectors are somewhat familiar with. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) trained gemologists at New York Loan Company appreciate the importance of cut when evaluating a diamond for pawn loan or purchase.

Part of the criteria GIA uses to grade cut of a diamond is its face-up appearance and how the diamond interacts with light. The three aspects of the criteria are:

Brightness          Amount of white light reflected

Fire                        Amount of rainbow color flashes of light

Scintillation       Amount of “sparkle” or contrast between light and dark areas

After they determine the appearance of the stone, they also look at the weight ratio and durability, or the design of the diamond. Gemologists also take into account the craftsmanship, or polish and symmetry of the diamond. GIA then gives it a grade in one of the 5 categories below:


Very Good




While many people focus on the actual shape of the diamond (round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald etc.…) the quality of the cut is much more important to the beauty of a diamond. The Gemologists and Loan Officers at New York Loan Company are happy to appraise your diamond for a pawn loan or outright purchase. Please email your GIA certificate to info@newyorkloan.com.