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Diamond Studs – The History and the Charm

The classic look of diamond studs, which resembles a floating diamond in your ear, is a staple in any jewelry collection. The loan officers at New York Loan Company, who are also Graduate Gemologists, have the expertise to help you purchase, sell, or loan against your diamond studs.

Stud earrings became popular because pendant earrings, or earrings that dangle, fell out of fashion. This is due to dress and necklace fashions that changed to cover the whole neck in the late 1800’s. Diamonds were more easily acquired due to the opening of diamond mines in South Africa, and the diamond solitaire became coveted by fashionistas.

Variations in prong style and diamond cut personalized these earrings, and the trend hasn’t died down since. These earrings are often passed down through generations, and while styles always change throughout the decades, the classic beauty of diamonds solitaire earrings never change. This is due to the fact and diamond studs go with about any outfit, whether dressed up or dressed down.

Other than engagement rings and luxury watches, diamond studs are one of the most popular items brought into New York Loan Company. “Just about everyone seems to have diamond earrings in their jewelry box”, said Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner and CEO of New York Loan. “Our company has been in business for over 75 years, and diamond studs have been consistently used as collateral for our confidential pawn loans”.

The high-end pawnshop has significant expertise in purchasing, selling and loaning against these classic earrings. Please feel free to call or email New York Loan to make an appointment.