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What Is A Cocktail Ring?

A bold piece of jewelry, usually with one or more large colored stones, is called a statement or cocktail ring. Large, beautiful, and high-end rings are no stranger to New York Loan Company – As Manhattan’s leading luxury pawnshop, the loan officers have seen every style of jewelry, including magnificent statement rings.

The cocktail ring as we know it was first coined during prohibition. Before speakeasies, women did not generally go to public bars, however during the 1920’s women both frequented these illegal bars and managed them. Women’s fashion and expression changed rapidly during this time, and with that came the trend of art deco jewelry – both large and small.

Nowadays, cocktail rings are typically worn on any finger other than their “ring finger” on the left hand, which usually indicates they are married or engaged. All luxury jewelers have styles of beautiful gemstone cocktail rings. Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, and Harry Winston have created stunning designs meant to be worn for glamorous special occasions.

New York Loannotes that while many of these rings are styled with precious stones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, they can also use large semi-precious stones like peridot, tourmaline, opal, and quartz.

The high-end pawnshop encourages you to bring in any style of ring as collateral. Located in the International Gem Tower, New York Loan has the expertise to work with any kind of fine jewelry, cocktail and statement rings alike. Please call 212-997-5626 for an appointment.