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Luxury Watch Spotlight: Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin, one of the most prestigious and important watch manufacturers in the world, is part of the “Trinity” of great Swiss watchmakers, along with Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. Like any other long standing company, Vacheron Constantin has had many ups and downs including surviving the French Revolution, both World Wars, and the Great Depression. While New York Loan Company can trace its roots back to 1938, the story of Vacheron & Constantin starts in 1755 in Geneva, Switzerland. Starting out under Jean-Marc Vacheron the company created the first complication and the first engine-turned dials. It wasn’t until 1819 the Francois Constantin joined the company and became Vacheron & Constantin. In 1839 they hired Georges-Auguste Leschot, a genius innovator of serialized production that transformed both the company and the watchmaking industry as a whole. In fact his contributions are credited for launching the company into major success, as they quickly became a large supplier of components to other watchmakers. Throughout the company’s long history it has had many prestigious clients and in their native Switzerland they were the favored brand for prominent official gifts. In 1887 the famed Third Imperial Egg from Fabergé held a Vacheron Constantin watch. The watch manufacturers have either sold or gifted watches to names such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Elizabeth II, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Princess Diana, and Marlon Brando. The company is still known for its fine watchmaking and classic styles. New York Loan Company both purchases and provides pawn loans against high-end luxury watches, like the models from Vacheron Constantin: Traditionnelle, Ovearseas, Historiques, and Heures Creatives. Call New York Loan Company today to inquire about a sale or pawn loan against a luxury wristwatch.