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Artist Spotlight: Jeff Koons

Artist Jeff Koons is an American artist that uses popular media, familiar objects and bright bold colors in his work. Known as a contemporary or neo-pop artist, his fame began in the 1980s with his life sized statue of Michael Jackson and Bubbles and has only grown since.

New York Loan Company, a luxury collateral lender that resides in the International Gem Tower in Manhattan, specializes in modern and contemporary art – specifically with established artists that have a strong auction market.  Jeff Koons is an artist that New York Loan, and owner Jordan Tabach-Bank never hesitates to loan against. “The art of Jeff Koons, especially his sculptures, are known to even those with little knowledge of the art market,” said Tabach-Bank. “His pieces sell for millions at auction, we’d be crazy not to provide pawn loans against his iconic works.”

Koons studied art in college where he met artist Ed Paschke, who was a strong influence in his career. He moved to NYC in 1977 and opened a studio in SOHO, similar to Andy Warhol’s factory.   He is most recently known for his art fabrication – the production of large or technically difficult artworks. The most recognizable pieces include the celebration series – which uses mirror-polished stainless steel with a transparent color coating. The result is banal objects with bright reflective surfaces like balloon animals, diamonds, Easter eggs, and balloon tulips.

The popular artist has had well over 10 different series in his career – with numerous other projects that have included some of the most famous people in the world and graced the most well-known locations in the world. Koons worked with singer Lady Gaga for the cover of her album in 2013, he has had temporary sculptures in Rockefeller Center twice, and has a permanent puppy sculpture at the Bilbao Museum in Spain.

While New York Loan will happily make a seven figure loan on a life-sized Jeff Koons sculpture, the more common pieces used as collateral are sculptures that can fit on mantle in your home. The puppy vase, the bright balloon dogs, the inflatable balloon flowers, or original Jeff Koons paintings. Tabach-Bank invites you to send information on your Jeff Koons piece to New York Loan.  “Sending pictures and provenance beforehand lets us optimize a pawn loan amount and get you the best deal possible.”

Loan officers at New York Loan Company can be reached at 212-997-5626 or info@newyorkloan.com