Fine Wine – The Collateral in your Cellar

Fine Wine – The Collateral in your Cellar

New York Loan Company has been known to make unique collateral loans in the past; but some of our most distinctive loans have been against rare vintage wines and spirits. Pawn Shops loaning against fine wines is so uncommon that our service has been discussed on various media outlets, including Reuters and NPR. New York Loan Company is happy to provide a quick, fast cash for wines such as Château Lafite, Domanie de la Romanée-Conti, Chateâu Mouton Rothschild, and Château Pétrus.

There are many factors into determining the value of fine wine, but the most important and common are ullage level, seepage, provenance & storage history, and the condition of both the cork and label.

Ullage Level, or fill level, refers to the amount of wine in the bottle. This is determined by where on the neck the wine sits. Slight differences in the ullage level is expected over time as a natural part of the ageing process; however lower levels can sometimes indicate faulty stock, or an accelerated aging process. Keep in mind the different vintages have different expected fill levels.

An indication of Seepage, or wine that has leaked past the cork, can restrain the value. Seepage may indicate poor storage of the item, or the early stages of cork failure, especially if this is combined with a low ullage level. Seepage is usually an indication of the bottle coming into contact with excess heat or light.

The Provenance & Storage History of a wine is the best way to document ownership history, and establish where the wine was purchased and under what circumstances was it secured and transported. Chain of title for your bottle(s) helps to authenticate, and establish that it has been stored with the proper procedures. New York Loan prefers provenance on all of our wines, the older and rarer a fine wine is, the more important the provenance.

The Condition of both the wine label and the cork is an important factor into valuing rare, fine, and vintage wines. Labels can be bubbled or creased, be soiled or stained, or have torn corners and lifted edges. The less of these imperfections, the higher the value. In addition, the cork and capsule (the tin wrap covering the cork and neck of the bottle) should also be free to nicks, stains, wrinkles and corrosion.

When bringing in your wine for a pawn loan, it’s important that you contact our office first; as we’ll need to make arrangements to store your fine wine in our off-site climate controlled facility, or possibly make arrangements to work with your existing storage. We also specialize in rare high-end spirits, limited edition cognacs, and single malt scotches.

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