Can You Sell a Rolex Watch without Box and Papers?

Can You Sell a Rolex Watch without Box and Papers?

The largest luxury watch brand in the world, Rolex, is the most common watch brands used to secure a pawn loan.  Additionally, Rolex, known for its functional, yet stylish references, is also one of the few brands that holds its value over time.  When purchased new from an authorized dealer or Boutique, Rolex watches come with a box and paperwork, along with a hangtag and extra links.  If you where to re-sell or take a loan against your Rolex, however, can you do so without the box and papers?

Why Box and Papers are Important

The box and papers that come with your Rolex upon purchase certify its authenticity and can allow for a quicker evaluation process, in addition to a stronger offer, because they make the watch more easily saleable.  It is also important that box and papers be in good condition, so that it is clear to what watch model they belong.

Can You Pawn a Rolex without Box and Papers?

The Loan Officers at New York Loan Company understand that these items might not be available to bring to the evaluation appointment, and while these accoutrements can help us make a stronger offer, they do not hinder us from making a transaction.  Rolex watches are readily sold on the secondary market without box and papers, as Rolex is always in high demand.

New York Loan Company regularly purchases and lends against luxury timepieces from Rolex and other fine watchmakers.  Our experienced loan officers evaluate your watch in minutes and recognize the premium that complicated movements and in-demand models deserve.  Best of all, we have the expertise to purchase or lend against high-end timepieces without box or papers, including Rolex.

Should you be interested in buying, selling or taking a loan against your Rolex, or any other luxury watch, including Cartier, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, please call New York Loan Company at 212-997-5626 for more information, or to speak with a loan officer directly.