Bulgari and the Serpenti

Bulgari and the Serpenti

The legendary jewelry house that was founded in 1884 in Rome is known for its snake like jewelry and watch line known as Serpenti. New York Loan Company, just a few short blocks away from Bulgari’s New York City showroom, is intimately familiar with their show-stopping jewelry. New York Loan is a collateral lender in the heart of the Diamond District and has had the opportunity to lend against iconic jewelry and watches from the Roman designer jewelry house.

Their best known and identifying line, the Serpenti, was originally created in the 1940’s as a simple snake like creation. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the jewelry house’s Tuboags inspired Serpenti line of watches were introduced. The line featured yellow and white gold with various enamel colors and stunning diamonds and gemstones.

When Elizabeth Taylor wore a piece of Bulgari Serpenti jewelry for her role in the famous Cleopatra, the jewelry line drew much attention and became highly demanded. Bulgari then teamed up with Voucheron Constantain and Jeager LeCoultre for high-end watch movements until the 1970’s, combining the powerhouse watch manufactures with the Bulgari name.

The brand continued to evolve with new lines in different metals with increasingly quality gemstones. The technique needed by jewelers to create these masterpieces is astounding and requires a lot of skill that must be perfected – which is a large reason for their impressive price tag. In 2014, the 130th anniversary of Bulgari, ones of their rare estate Serpenti wristwatches from 1960 blew away the auction estimate at Christie’s and sold for 1.1 million dollars.

Whether you have a Serpenti piece of jewelry, or something from their other collections (Bvlgari Bvlgari, Monete or Parentesi) we encourage you to stop by New York Loan Company to discuss selling, purchasing or receiving a collateral based pawn loan. New York Loan has highly trained staff that studied at the Gemological Institute of America and will gladly assist you with all your luxury signed jewelry needs.

Bulgari and the Serpenti
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Bulgari and the Serpenti
Read about the history of the Roman designer jewelry house founded in 1884 in Rome, known for its snake like jewelry and watch line known as Serpenti.
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